We are now living autumn and it is the season for butternut squash which is from the same family with pumpkin. In Turkey we use pumpkin for making dessert and I learned that it is the tendency in Asian cuisine; for eg. it is used to make ‘halawa’ (which is helva in Turkish, a name given to a category of desserts) in Middle East and  India. As an exception, my hometown in Turkey, Manisa, has a local dish that is made from pumpkin but served as a main dish. However, I have never come up with someone preparing it; unfortunately read it from a book. I have not tried it yet since I was waiting for the pumpkin season J. When the season has reached I was in England and I’ve come up with several recipes of butternut squash soup. Then, I decided to try the soup in the first place. Here is the way that I did it:




–One butternut squash

–One medium-size onion

–Chicken Broth & Milk

–Olive Oil

–Salt and Pepper


Preparation: Fry the finely chopped onions in olive oil until they are soft, then add the butternut squash chopped into pieces small enough to soften easily. Stir them occasionally for 5 minutes but keep the lid closed as much as possible. Add the chicken broth and boil the mix; then add the milk and keep stiring for another 3-4 minutes by decreasing the heat. Take the pan off the cook and wait for 10 min. By using a hand blender, make the mix turn into a liquid puree; add salt and pepper and put the pan for another 2-3 min. on the cook and stir the soup. It will be ready at the end of that period.


You can add  cream instead of milk or both. You can add curry powder, cinnamon or other spices depending on your gusto. I have served them with dry mint and baked wholewheat bread. 


PS: I did not use vegetable broth but I think it will be better since it can take away some of the sweat taste of the butternut squash which I”ve honestly not liked very much in a soup.


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