A couple of days ago, I was making my usual food shopping in Tesco and stopped by the shelves of alcoholic beverages as usual which is like a habit since I do it most of the time even though I have no intentions of buying any of them J. As I was looking around I realized two wines at the lowest shelf: “British wine” and “Ginger wine”. Both made me glad. Because I can use the ginger wine in my cookings while with the British wine I will add another wine to the list of wines I’ve tried in England. Ginger wine is especially good with desserts since it has a sweet taste with a ginger aroma. I used it in a fruit salad that you can see below. It is better you wait for 10-15 min. before enjoying the salad; during this period the taste of the ginger wine mixes with the tastes of the fruits and they form a new and unique taste on their own.





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