Butternut Squash DESSERT with CINNAMON




It is very simple to prepare this delicious dessert and it takes really little time to cook.





-1 medium size butternut squash (you can also use pumpkin)

-1 medium size glass of sugar

-1 tea spoon cinnamon


 After peeling the butternut squash, chop them in pieces of 2 cm thick in round or half moon shape. Put them in a big bowl and mix the pieces with sugar and cinnamon properly. Leave them aside for at least 6 hours. By the end of this period, butternut squash will give its water out and cinnamon & sugar will well blend with the squash. 


Transfer the squash in sugared water to a pan and cook them for about 10-12 minutes at medium heat. During this time, the squash pieces will soften and the sugared water will thicken. Take the pan from the heat before all the water evaporates. Serve it (strongly recommended) with walnut and/or ice cream.     



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