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Boiled black-eyed peas

2 tomatoes

3 green onions

1 medium size onion 

Lemon juice/ malt vinegar/ vinegar

Olive Oil

Black pepper/ Red pepper/Salt





Place the boiled and strained black-eyed peas into a large bowl (It is better to take uncanned peas and boil them yourself; but canned peas are also ok). Mix the chopped green onions and black peppers/salt with the peas. Put the tomatoes and season them with some red pepper. Sprinkle the round shaped onions over the tomatoes. Lastly, pour the sour sauce that you prepare out of a mix of lemon juice, vinegar and malt vinegar (the proportions of these three ingredients are up to your gusto) and olive oil. Enjoy this nice blend of peas with vegetables.






Boiled and peeled beetroots


4-5 cloves of garlic


Vinegar/ Malt vinegar


1 tablespoon of olive oil




Take a jar with a lid and fill ½ of it with vinegar and malt vinegar (proportions of vinegars are best to be %50-%50). Transfer the vinegar mix to another cup and add the olive oil. Then, fill the jar with beetroots choped in whatever shape you like (better to slice them 1 cm thick). Add garlic slices after every 4-5 beetrot pieces get into the jar. Finally, add vinegar-olive oil mix to the jar, place the lid and keep the jar in a cool place or refrigerator for about 48 hours. As soon as this period ends, you can enjoy your beetroot pickle. It especially suits well with red meat..   


A couple of days ago, I was making my usual food shopping in Tesco and stopped by the shelves of alcoholic beverages as usual which is like a habit since I do it most of the time even though I have no intentions of buying any of them J. As I was looking around I realized two wines at the lowest shelf: “British wine” and “Ginger wine”. Both made me glad. Because I can use the ginger wine in my cookings while with the British wine I will add another wine to the list of wines I’ve tried in England. Ginger wine is especially good with desserts since it has a sweet taste with a ginger aroma. I used it in a fruit salad that you can see below. It is better you wait for 10-15 min. before enjoying the salad; during this period the taste of the ginger wine mixes with the tastes of the fruits and they form a new and unique taste on their own.