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British wine is different than all the wines I’ve ever tried. It has a quite sweet taste and makes an effect familiar to what whisky or brandy do to the mouth and throat, but of course slighty than those. I’ve found out that it is produced by the fermentation of imported grapes which results in a wine resembling sherry (a fortified wine to which brandy is added after or just before the completion of the fermentation process). Just like written on the back of the bottle it is a ‘nice drink to get you relaxed’, of course to whom appreciating sweet taste in wine.



A couple of days ago, I was making my usual food shopping in Tesco and stopped by the shelves of alcoholic beverages as usual which is like a habit since I do it most of the time even though I have no intentions of buying any of them J. As I was looking around I realized two wines at the lowest shelf: “British wine” and “Ginger wine”. Both made me glad. Because I can use the ginger wine in my cookings while with the British wine I will add another wine to the list of wines I’ve tried in England. Ginger wine is especially good with desserts since it has a sweet taste with a ginger aroma. I used it in a fruit salad that you can see below. It is better you wait for 10-15 min. before enjoying the salad; during this period the taste of the ginger wine mixes with the tastes of the fruits and they form a new and unique taste on their own.